Custom Molded Rubber Products and More 

The Rubber Group

The Rubber Group is the manufacturing partner of choice for those looking for outstanding expertise in engineering and material science with flexible capabilities to meet their most challenging sealing and molded rubber component needs. Our customers' growth is fueled by leveraging The Rubber Group's in-depth industry knowledge and unique capabilities. We achieve best-in-class service and long-term partnerships by treating customers, suppliers, and fellow employees the way we want to be treated. Contact us for more information and request a quote.

Custom Molded Rubber Products

Ask us for rollers and drive wheels, extruded rubber profiles, tubing, or cord. Our custom fabrication services include precision die cutting.

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Standard Molded Rubber Products

Find rubber grommets, isolation mounts, bumpers, appliance feet, and O-rings in different shapes, sizes, styles, and compounds.

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Custom Rubber Molding Services

Choose compression, transfer, or injection molding for small or large parts. We use custom compounds and specialize in metal-to-rubber bonding.

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Value-Added Rubber Molding

Bring us your concept or ask us to help you refine a design. From prototyping and tooling through production and inventory management, we add value.

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Custom Molded Rubber Products for Industrial, Transportation, Medical, and Consumer Markets

Process Control

The process control, gas production, and chemical processing industries need reliable rubber components that are molded to tight tolerances.

These custom molded rubber parts must withstand demanding environments and harsh conditions for years. Special compounds and rubber-to-metal bonding may be required.

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Close-Tolerance Process Control Components

The Rubber Group molds rubber parts with tight tolerances for critical control and shut-off applications. These custom molded parts include regulator valve stems, seats, seals, and pintels. With our rubber-to-metal bonding expertise, we can recommend high-performance compounds that meet UL and CSA standards.

Fully-Compliant Transportation Components

The Rubber Group makes custom molded rubber products for leading OEMs in the rail, aerospace, and mass transit industries. Examples include railcar suspension components, valve body seals, and metal-to-rubber bonded assemblies. We can custom fabricate your components from compounds that meet safety-related standards from ASTM, Boeing, and Bombardier.


Transportation OEMs need custom molded rubber parts that can withstand demanding environments and support passenger safety.

For both static and dynamic sealing, compliance with flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) standards may be required. Reliable, long-lasting performance is critical.

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Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturers need a silicone rubber molding company that can make parts such as surgical handles, sterilization tray mats, peristaltic pump tubing, seals, gaskets, and grommets.

These companies also need a partner that provides value-added molding services. Rubber that meets regulatory or industry standards may be required.

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Value-Added Medical Molding

The Rubber Group molds medical devices ranging from silicone parts to multi-component assemblies. We work with leading medical OEMs and offer value-added services such as over-molding, bonding, insert molding, sterilization, and packaging. We also provide design assistance and can source ultra-pure USP Class VI silicones.

Anti-Vibration Pads

The Rubber Group molds isolation mounts from elastomers that attenuate vibration. Applications include anti-vibration pads for pumps, motors, HVAC systems, laboratory equipment, and consumer appliances. Our rubber-to-metal bonding expertise is ideal for vibration damping mounts with threaded studs. We also work with closed cell foam elastomers.

Isolation Mounts

Industrial, commercial, and scientific products need effective protection against noise and vibration.

Isolation mounts made of molded rubber materials dampen vibrations that are propagated via mechanical waves. Anti-vibration isolators such as vehicle or machinery mounts may also need to absorb shock.

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Consumer Products

Consumer products are extremely price-sensitive. Manufacturers need to source cost-effective rubber parts, but without sacrificing quality or appearance.

Industrial designers and consumer product manufacturers also need a rubber molder who can provide creative options for product design, pricing, and production.

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Cost-Effective Consumer Products

The Rubber Group makes custom molded rubber products for consumer electronics, cosmetics and personal care, house and home, pet care, sporting goods, footwear, and office supplies. From design assistance and help with material selection to custom molding and packaging, we provide a complete solution.

Precision-Ground Rollers and Drive Wheels

The Rubber Group molds a wide variety of rollers and drive wheels so that you can select the solution that’s right for your application. Let our technical team help you choose the best material and molding method. All of our rubber drive wheels and rollers are precision ground to the concentricity and total indicator reading (TIR) that you require.

Rollers and Drive Wheels

Industries such as food production, agriculture, laminating, and woodworking need rollers and drive wheels for conveyors, pulley systems, and belt-driven equipment.

Products range from low-cost, tube-fabricated wheels and rollers to molded solutions for heavy-duty, high-performance applications.

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