Isolation Mounts

Isolation mounts protect machinery, vehicles, and equipment against noise, vibration, and shock. These anti-vibration mounts consist of a molded rubber component and a threaded fastener or metal flange that’s used in mounting. Depending on the application, anti-vibration isolators may also need to provide protection against shock from extreme rates of force.  

The Rubber Group molds isolation mounts from elastomers that attenuate vibration. Applications include anti-vibration pads for pumps, motors, HVAC systems, laboratory equipment, and consumer appliances. Our rubber-to-metal bonding expertise is ideal for vibration damping mounts with threaded studs. Learn more about the molded rubber products we make, the materials we use, and the standards we meet.

Rubber Products and Isolation Mounts

The Rubber Group offers a wide range of isolation mounts in seven standard configurations and hundreds of combinations of U.S. thread insert sizes. Metric sizes are available by special order. We keep a large inventory of standard body sizes in stock for a range of load capacities. Standard isolation mounts are available for same day shipment.

Industrial rubber products for shock and vibration include:

  • bushings and washers
  • cylindrical vibration mounts
  • elastomeric couplings
  • grommet isolators
  • isolation pads
  • isolation rings
  • machinery mounts
  • two-piece mounts
  • vehicle mounts

Rubber Materials for Isolation Mounts

The Rubber Group molds isolation mounts from natural rubber and synthetic elastomers, including closed cell foam materials. Natural rubber reduces the transmission of noise and vibration, can withstand heat and chemicals, and resist swelling when immersed in water. Synthetic elastomers can be compounded to impart specific material properties.       

Isolation Mount Standards

There are several standards related to isolation mounts. ASTM D 5992 is a test standard that measures the dynamic properties of rubber vibration products. Other standards include ISO/TC 108/SC 2 for the measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibration and shock as applied to machines, vehicles, and structures.  

Molded Rubber for Isolation Mounts

The Rubber Group provides standard and custom isolation mounts along with value-added manufacturing services such as design assistance and material selection. To request a quote or for more information, contact us.