Process Control

The process control industry needs custom rubber products that are molded to tight tolerances. Rubber extrusions must also withstand challenging environments and operating conditions. Depending on the application, rubber products for the process control industry may need to withstand high temperatures or pressures and contact with oils, greases, fuels, or chemicals.

The Rubber Group molds rubber parts with tight tolerances for critical control and shut-off applications such as gas production and chemical processing. We mold parts for regulators and control valves, use high-performance compounds, and specialize in rubber-to-metal bonding. Learn more about the molded rubber products we make, the materials we use, and the standards and approvals we meet.

Rubber Products for Process Control

The Rubber Group supplies these and other custom rubber products to the process control industry:

  • valve seats
  • valve stems
  • pintels
  • nozzle plugs
  • pipe seals

We also supply custom rubber gaskets that are water-tight, gas-tight, or vapor-tight. We can meet your firestop and vibration damping requirements, too. Molded rubber products that resist abrasive slurries and ultra-low temperatures are required for some processing applications.

Rubber Materials for Process Control

The Rubber Group uses proprietary compounds and adhesive technologies to meet demanding requirements in the process control industry. With our technical knowledge and application experience, we may recommend elastomers such as:

  • EPDM
  • fluorocarbons, including Viton™
  • high-performance nitrile
  • hydrogenated nitrile
  • neoprene
  • ultra-low temperature FKM

Standards and Approvals

The Rubber Group can mold rubber products from compounds that meet standards from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  For example, UL 157 covers performance criteria for nonmetallic seal and gasket materials such as elastomers.

Molded Rubber for the Process Control Industry

The Rubber Group is a trusted supplier to customers across the process control industry, a broad market segment that includes oil refining, pulp and paper manufacturing, chemical processing, and power generation.  To request a quote or for more information, please contact us.