Custom Molded Rubber Parts

Custom molded rubber parts and products from The Rubber Group include grommets, bellows, bumpers, seals, hose, rollers, drive wheels, and much more. We can also supply you with extruded rubber profiles, rubber cords, and cord stock. We use custom compounds and commercial-grade rubber with compression, injection, and transfer molding equipment. Contact us to learn more and learn more.

Custom Molded Rubber Parts:  Materials 

The Rubber Group has developed custom compounds to meet tight dimensional tolerances, demanding environmental conditions, and challenging product specifications. These elastomers include:

  • silicone
  • fluorinated silicone
  • Viton™
  • fluorocarbons
  • nitrile (Buna-N)
  • neoprene
  • EPDM
  • natural rubber

Custom Molded Rubber Products:  Specifications 

Many of the compounds for our custom molded rubber parts meet UL, FDA, ASTM, and U.S. military specifications. MIL-SPEC materials include:

  • ZZ-R-765
  • MIL-R-6855
  • MIL-R-3065

With our custom rubber molding services, we can also use injection, compression, or transfer molding equipment to create custom rubber products from commercial-grade elastomers. Our expertise includes rubber-to-metal bonding, too.

Extruded Rubber Profiles

In addition to custom molded rubber parts, The Rubber Group offers a wide variety of extruded rubber profiles for seals, gaskets, and insulation. These rubber extrusions have a specific cross-sectional shape and are either solid or hollow. Types include:

  • circles (cords)
  • squares
  • rectangles
  • D-shapes
  • P-shapes
  • U-channels
  • half-rounds

Extruded rubber profiles come in different lengths and are ready for conversion and fabrication. At the Rubber Group, we provide value-added manufacturing such as die cutting.

Rubber Cords and Rubber Tubing

Rubber cords are custom rubber products with a circular cross-section. There are two basic types:

  • solid round cords
  • hollow round cords

Rubber cord stock is used for O-rings. Solid round cords are specified by outer diameter (OD). Hollow round cords are specified by both OD and inner diameter (ID).

Rubber tube stock is used for transporting fluids and gases in processing, medical, and specialty applications. Nominal tube sizes are based on OD. Wall thickness and tube ID can be used in calculations of fluid flow.

The Rubber Group maintains a large inventory of these standard rubber products, but can also extrude, dip and fabricate rubber cords or tubing as part of our value-added manufacturing services.

Custom Molded Rubber Parts and Products

The Rubber Group supplies custom molded rubber parts to manufacturers in markets such as process control, transportation, medical devices, isolation mounts, and consumer products. All our design and production processes conform to ISO 9001:2015. We can also supply custom rubber parts according to your Kanban schedules.

To learn more about extruded and molded custom molded rubber parts, contact The Rubber Group.