Standard Molded Rubber Products

Standard molded rubber products include rubber grommets, isolation mounts, rubber bumpers, appliance feet, and rubber O-rings. The Rubber Group supplies standard molded rubber parts made from various elastomers in different shapes, sizes, styles, and compounds.

Molded Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets are rings or edge strips that are inserted into a hole through a thin material. They are usually collared or flared on each side. The Rubber Groups supplies molded rubber grommets in over a thousand different sizes. We also stock grommets in various styles, standards, and materials.

Molded rubber grommet styles include:

  • Blind/plug
  • Multiple hole
  • Horseshoe shaped

Molded rubber grommet standards include:

  • AN930
  • AN931
  • MS-35489
  • MS-35490

Molded rubber grommet materials include:

  • neoprene
  • nitrile (Buna-N)
  • EPDM
  • silicone

If your application requires a non-standard elastomer, we can supply rubber grommets with a certificate of compliance and cure date.

Isolation Mounts

Isolation mounts are standard rubber products that help prevent the transmission of noise and vibration in vehicles, machinery, and equipment. These anti-vibration mounts or pads come in different types and body sizes. They are rated for specific load capacities and attach with a threaded fastener.  

The Rubber Group supplies isolation mounts in seven standard configurations – and in hundreds of U.S. thread sizes. Metric sizes are available by special order. Our large inventory of standard body sizes is ready for same-day shipment. In addition to standard moldd rubber products, our custom rubber products can be produced quickly to meet your specifications.

Rubber Bumpers and Appliance Feet

Rubber bumpers and appliance feet are standard molded rubber products that combine noise and vibration control with protection against impact or movement. They are available in commercial-grade elastomers or special non-marking/non-staining compounds that come in various colors.

Bumper types include: 

  • Recess
  • Stem
  • Grommet
  • Machine screw
  • Snap-in
  • Tip covers
  • Pad/strip

Some rubber bumpers can be held in place by compression or with an adhesive. Appliance feet typically attach to furniture or work surfaces with a threaded metal fastener.

Molded Rubber Seals and O-Rings

Molded rubber O-rings are donut-shaped seals that are seated in a groove and compressed during product assembly. These mechanical gaskets form a sealing interface and prevent the passage of fluids or gases. The Rubber Group supplies O-rings in both metric and inch-based sizes that are made from a variety of rubber materials.  O-rings standards include AS568 and ISO 3601.

Standard Molded Rubber Products and Extrusions

The Rubber Group provides standard rubber products to markets such as process control, transportation, medical devices, isolation mounts, and consumer products. All our design and manufacturing processes conform to ISO 9001:2015.

To learn more about our standard molded and extruded rubber products, contact The Rubber Group.