The transportation industry needs custom rubber products that provide long service life and withstand demanding conditions. The aerospace, rail, and mass transit industries also need rubber parts that support passenger safety and comply with government regulations and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards for flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST).

The Rubber Group uses proprietary compounds and adhesive technologies that meet these challenging requirements. We also provide metal-to-rubber bonded assemblies for the rail industry. Learn more about the molded rubber products we make, the materials we use, and the standards and approvals we meet. 

Rubber Products for Transportation

The Rubber Group is the preferred supplier for many leading OEMs in the transportation industry. Examples of the custom rubber products we can create include:

  • railcar suspension components
  • pump seals
  • valve body seals
  • metal-to-rubber bonded assemblies

Rubber Materials for Transportation

The Rubber Group can mold your rubber products from fire-retardant elastomers that resist the spread of flame and emit very low amounts of toxic smoke. High-performance elastomers for the mass transit industry can also reduce noise and vibration while providing sealing and insulation. Examples of these compounds include special grades of EPDM and neoprene.

Standards and Approvals

The proprietary compounds and adhesive technologies that The Rubber Group uses can meet U.S. Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) standards, other national and international standards, and OEM requirements. These rubbers can also meet testing requirements from ASTM International that inform various regulatory standards. The ASTM and OEM standards that we meet include:

  • ASTM E162 (surface flammability)
  • ASTM C542 (low flame)
  • ASTM E662 (specific optical density of smoke)
  • ASTM C1166 (flame propagation)
  • Bombardier SMP 800-C (toxic gas generation)
  • Boeing BBS 7239 (toxic gas generation)

Molded Rubber for the Transportation Industry

The Rubber Group is a trusted supplier to OEMs from across the transportation industry.  We work with bus and railcar manufacturers, subway suppliers, aircraft and aerospace companies, and transportation organizations.  To request a quote or for more information, please contact us.