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The Rubber Group Adds New Laser Marking Capabilities

Rob PruynValue-Added Manufacturing

The Rubber Group is announcing its acquisition of a new laser marking machine that can permanently mark parts for identification and traceability. The Rochester, New Hampshire (USA) company’s new BOSS LS-1416 laser engraver can mark logos, date or time stamps, serial numbers, barcodes, and other manufacturing information onto molded rubber parts and products. Equipped with a Class 4 CO2 laser, the BOSS LS-1416 has an inline beam combiner for improved accuracy and alignment.     

The BOSS LS-1416 laser marker starts with a beam of concentrated light energy and targets a small area of the workpiece called the focal point. The heat generated by the light energy alters the material’s surface, but the focal point affects only a specific area. The resulting mark is smooth, high-contrast, and long-lasting so that it can be read easily and won’t wear off. The BOSS LS-141 is designed for non-metal materials such as rubber but can also mark treated metals with speed and precision.

The Rubber Group’s new equipment acquisition is the latest in a series of additions that include a DESMA 968.400 ZO Benchmark (S2) rubber injection molding machine for larger parts. Along with injection molding, The Rubber Group provides compression and transfer molding services, value-added manufacturing, and both standard and custom rubber products. The Rubber Group is ISO 9001:2015 certified and an ITAR registered manufacturer.Contact us to learn more, or request a quote for your next project.