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PFAS Resources 

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The Rubber Group is monitoring attempts to classify fluorine-based rubbers (fluorocarbon (FKM), fluorosilicone (FVMQ), AFLAS, FFKM, etc.) as banned PFAS substances under REACH and U.S. state and federal regulations. We will regularly update our customers about new developments and are sharing a list of PFAS resources (below) from industry trade groups and fluoropolymer manufacturers.  

The Rubber Group works closely with our industry trade group, the Association for Rubber Product  Manufacturers (ARPM), and is positioned to leverage our rubber industry knowledge on behalf of our customers. Contact The Rubber Group for information about how efforts to classify fluorine-based rubbers as PFAS compounds could affect your business, and how we may be able to help. 

PFAS Resources from Industry Trade Groups 


ARPM – PFAS Explained Webinar 

  • Provides an overview of the current situation and what to expect  

ARPM – Consideration for PFAS 

  • Describes the PFAS classification and explains why fluoroelastomers should not be classified as PFAS compounds 


European Sealing Association (ESA) – Position Statement on PFAS 

  • States ESA’s position regarding proposed European Union regulations. ESA’s members include most European manufacturers of sealing devices. 


US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – PFAS Strategic Roadmap 

  • Describes EPA’s current understanding of PFAS and provides a hub for PFAS-related content. 

PFAS Resources from Manufacturers 



Initial REACH/PFAS Presentation 

Hub for PFAS Information 

  • Explains how PFAS compounds are used in different industries and why fluoroelastomers should not be listed as PFAS compounds. 


PFAS in Fluoroelastomer Manufacturing 

  • Describes how PFAS chemistry was eliminated from a new line of peroxide curable FKMs. 


Daikin Statement on PFAS