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Sealing Material Selection Guide: Rubber Product Testing (Part 3)

Rob PruynValue-Added Manufacturing

Rubber product testing is an important part of sealing material selection because designers need proof that a seal will work the way that it’s intended. Part 1 and Part 2 of this Sealing Material Selection Guide introduced some commonly used rubber materials and some material properties that affect sealing. Now that you have this background information, it’s time to consider how rubber product testing can ensure consistent sealing and performance.

Developing a proper test plan is critical to achieving the long-term goals of your sealing system. This requires understanding your application requirements and the conditions to which your rubber seal will be exposed. In addition to evaluating performance requirements, you may need rubber product testing assistance. Keep reading to learn more or contact The Rubber Group for molded rubber products that meet all of your requirements and strengthen your larger product designs.

How to Evaluate Rubber Product Performance Requirements

The table below describes the conditions and functions that are important to your sealing application.

System RequirementsDescription
TemperatureEven if it’s just exposed to ambient temperatures, your product has a range of temperatures at which it must function properly. Testing your product throughout this range will ensure that the system and its rubber components perform even at temperature extremes.
Fluid ExposureRubber testing is a common way of evaluating fluid exposure, but understanding how a seal works in a larger system under real-world conditions lets you evaluate the interaction between a seal’s material properties and the rest of the system to confirm sealing performance.
DurabilityComponents can wear over repeated cycles, and the efficiency of the sealing system can change. Your product needs to last for its intended lifetime, so it’s important to test it for that duration. 
Table 1: Rubber Product Performance Requirements

Get Help with Rubber Product Testing

Do you need help with rubber product testing? The Rubber Group can help design test systems to evaluate your product for any application. This includes dedicated test stands, accelerated life cycle testing, accelerated weather exposure, temperature/fluid exposure and any other situation that your product needs to withstand to provide your customers with a world-class solution.

Do you need standard or custom molded rubber parts or products? The Rubber Group can help you with material selection and optimize your sealing solution. We’re the manufacturing partner of choice for companies who want outstanding expertise in engineering and material science plus flexible capabilities for meeting sealing challenges.

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