The Rubber Group Reduces Lead Times by Increasing Low-Tonnage Capacity for Injection Molded Products

Rob PruynProducts and Services

The Rubber Group is announcing its acquisition of an injection molding machine that will reduce lead times by increasing capacity for products that require lower-tonnage injection. The new equipment, a REP G10 vertical injection molding machine, will also increase process control for precision products while supporting material and color changeovers that are both faster and cheaper. Additional benefits include energy savings and high-speed movements for reduced cycle times and lower costs.

“Increasing the production capacity in our lower tonnage injection area will help the Rubber Group to reduce lead times,” said Rob Pruyn, President at the Rubber Group. “Real-time monitoring of elastomer temperatures in the machine’s injection unit will also enhance process control, an important consideration for precision products.”

The Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) defines standards for molded rubber products, including those with tight tolerances. The Rubber Group meets the ARPM’s rigorous A1 and A2 standards. A1 is the highest precision classification for dimensional tolerances. A2 is not as strict, but this precision class requires molds to be kept in excellent working conditions at all time.”

The Rubber Group’s new press, a V410 160t machine, is part of REP International’s G10 series, considered to be the tenth generation of injection molding units that are designed for very specific purposes. With its multi-windows human machine interface (HMI), this state-of-the art injection molding equipment has two separate display areas to allow for programming and monitoring at the same time. Branded as “Infinitely Smart,” the V410 160t includes features that will enable The Rubber Group to achieve an even higher level of customer satisfaction.

For example, the machine’s injection unit provides temperature control of all critical areas to guarantee part quality. Perfect shot size control avoids material waste and manual de-flashing, a potentially time-consuming process that adds costs to molding projects. The equipment’s injection unit also supports material flow with low restrictions to prevent spoiled and stagnating compounds. Controlled expansion provides for a longer life, and easy extruder removal reduces cleaning time for optimum productivity.

“We’re excited about this new press and the added value it brings to our customers,” said Pruyn. “From high-tech printing equipment to precision measuring devices, The Rubber Group is known for high-quality molded rubber products. With this new equipment, The Rubber Group can reduce lead times by increasing production capacity for projects that require lower-tonnage injection molding.”

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