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Ventilator Products from The Rubber Group Help Fight COVID-19

Rob PruynMedical Devices, Molding Services

The Rubber Group is making parts for ventilators, life-saving medical devices that are in high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Rochester, New Hampshire company is manufacturing both new and existing products while leveraging its custom rubber molding, rubber-to-metal bonding, and die cutting capabilities. The Rubber Group is also producing complex molds rapidly and making production tooling as quickly as possible. Ventilator programs are receiving the highest priority.

Ventilator Parts and Medical Grade Rubber

The Rubber Group is supplying ventilator manufacturers with custom molded seals, umbrella valves, and diaphragms made from materials like USP Class VI silicone and FDA EPDM rubber. Umbrella valves are sealing elements that allow air flow in one direction and prevent backflow. Diaphragms expand and contract with airflow over many cycles. USP Class VI silicone rubber is biocompatible and meets stringent testing requirements. EPDM rubber with FDA approvals is both durable and safe for patient contact.

In addition, The Rubber Group is supplying ventilator manufacturers with die cut parts, O-rings, and an FKM overmold onto SS303. FKM, a fluoroelastomer with exceptional heat and chemical resistance, can withstand repeated sterilization and cleaning. SS303 is Grade 3030 stainless steel, a machinable metal with oxidation resistance at high temperatures. With rubber-to-metal bonding, surface preparation and the application of primer and special adhesives are essential.

Tooling Turnaround Times and Injection Molding

As a value-added manufacturer, The Rubber Group combines services like custom molding with tooling. Rubber injection molding supports quick cycle times, custom molded shapes, and multi-cavity molds for increased production volumes and reduced part costs. Recently, The Rubber Group completed a four-cavity mold for a ventilator project in just one week. Typically, multi-cavity molds have lead times measured in months. Production molds for other ventilator parts were completed in just four weeks.

The Rubber Group is a preferred supplier for medical device manufacturers who need custom molded solutions ranging from single parts to multi-component assemblies. In addition to ventilator products, the custom rubber molder makes surgical handles, sterilization tray mats, peristaltic pump tubing, and medical gaskets and grommets.

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